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COMMENT FROM K.Ł Dublin 4 –  Hello is life cover and a serious illness only valid if I was to die or get serious illness in Ireland?

ANSWER: I cannot really be specific here as I would need to see your policy, however generally it is not confined to Ireland or Europe only. (Edited) Pozdrawiam T. O’N

COMMENT FROM M.K Co Cork – Hi, I have death in service benefit I’m told in work, can I use this for my mortgage and cancel the policy Regards M. )

ANSWER: This is not a mortgage protection policy and is relevant only to your employment for as long as you are employed there. I strongly advise you not to cancel your MP Policy, but if cost is an issue, you should shop around to compare etc. (Edited) Kind Regards T.

COMMENT FROM F.R Dublin 15 – Can you tell me how much I would need to be saving into a pension and can you get what you put into it if you needed the money. Regards. (Details supplied by enquiry and content edited)

ANSWER: Pensions are retirement savings plan and by their very name they suggest exactly that, there are very different rules and what I have done for you and anyone else who may be interested in this area, is to add the link (above) to The Pensions Board and their calculator. Regards T.

COMMENT FROM M.K Dublin – Hi, I read the part of the site on getting and income if you had an accident or in hospital and some of my friends told me that companies never pay out on this, so why would have it? Informative site 🙂

ANSWER: Thanks M. Without knowing specific details of the actual claim, it is hard to comment, but my experience is that if a claim is not paid, it is normally for a good reason. If the policy is set up correctly and all the information has been disclosed by the client and they fully understand the terms and conditions, then there is rarely an issue. Correct advice is key here. Regards T.

COMMENT FROM P.McL Midlands. -When I set up my mortage 6 years ago with a ‘Bank’ (details given) I don’t remember being given an option for the mortgage protection, is this right and 2 can I change if I find a cheaper policy.

ANSWER: Ok P. This is pretty typical scenario, Bank was tied to providing that cover with one provider which may have been the reason for the one quotation. You are never tied to keeping the cover and can also shop around for a better deal, or your own needs and that of your family may have changed since then, so it’s always a good time to review and obtain quotes. A Broker will offer quotation for selection depending on the agencies they have. We are happy to provide this to you with a review. Thanks T